Presenting Companies 2016

Headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre, Fajr Capital is a leading principal investments firm with a focus on financial services and other strategic sectors in high-growth Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) markets.

Key Muslim majority nations are emerging as one of the main growth engines for the global economy. Our target OIC markets represent a distinctive investment opportunity: common values and cross-regional trade flows, coupled with strong growth and high liquidity.

Fajr Capital has developed a robust analytical framework to identify the most attractive investment opportunities across our priority countries. As an active investor, we work closely with our portfolio companies to create enduring value for our investors, customers, employees and local communities.

The Cobalt Group provides specialist Shariah compliant products and services to support the commercial activities of the global Islamic finance industry, and acts as a single focus for London in the distribution of rated Shariah compliant insurance capacity around the world.

As London looks to win a bigger slice of the global Islamic finance market Cobalt provides innovative and unique insurance solutions which put London at the heart of the global Islamic insurance market.

Cobalt enables Islamic financial institutions and corporations to access Shariah compliant insurance products backed by capacity from the world’s leading insurance market. It is based within sight of the iconic Lloyds of London building and is supported by capacity from several of the globe’s leading insurance carriers including Lloyd’s of London providing protection for commercial risks from commercial property to financial institutions. To enhance this capacity, Cobalt, in conjunction with Capita Managing Agency, has recently been granted “in principle” authorisation to form the first Shariah compliant Lloyd’s syndicate to start underwriting in Q1 2017.

With Cobalt able to access scalable capacity from across the London Market, there is now no longer a need to compromise institutional Shariah compliance due to lack of suitably rated insurance.

Cobalt’s Sharia Supervisory Board is chaired by one of the world’s leading Shariah Scholars Sheikh Nizam Yaquby who works with an experienced management team to ensure the products offered meet Islamic regulations.

Housing is one of the basic needs of a human being. Every one of us desires to secure shelter for his family. Unfortunately, for the last three decades, the Muslims in this part of the world have been facing the dilemma: Whether buy a house and indulge into interest or, forget buying a house altogether to avoid the interest. Many of us were led to believe that since we have no alternative, it is all right to pay interest in this part of the world. Yet others, although well settled economically, still hold the view that no matter what, indulging in “Riba” is forbidden by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

While this discussion and debate is still on, some concerned Muslims took this challenge upon themselves to find out if there was an alternative. Alhamdulillah, due to their genuine concern and dedicated efforts, a number of alternative systems were developed and housing projects of various magnitudes were started in different parts of Canada and the U.S. Our project was developed as a financial institution to accommodate a large number of Muslims scattered all over the country. Therefore, in 1980 it was incorporated into “Housing Co-operative Corporation”, known as Islamic Co-operative Housing Corporation Ltd. Now, Alhamdulillah, our membership has stretched from coast to coast and in all Four Corners of North America. Also, we have members in other parts of the world even though we buy houses in Canada only.

Moreover, within the same project, we have tackled another aspect of Riba (interest). Most of us have varied amount of savings – for short or extended periods. Our savings are intended for either a contingency, or they have a definite goal. Although none of us willingly puts these savings in a bank to earn the forbidden interest, it hurts to witness that banks benefit while inflation rusts our money. With the grace of Allah, at the Co-operative Housing Corporations, we all can benefit in a lawful manner. You have the opportunity to invest your small to large savings for any period of time and earn Halal income.

We are a leading independent investment manager with a track record of superior performance. Established in 1999, we’ve earned our reputation for innovation, reliability and client service.

Rasmala delivers a range of investment solutions, which give investors the opportunity to construct balanced and sophisticated portfolios covering a range of asset classes. Our award-winning team of experienced professionals combine in-depth market knowledge and global experience with a strong track record of generating outstanding returns. Although Rasmala was founded to serve Gulf investors, our investment universe and corporate culture has always been international. We have offices in London, Dubai and Cairo. Our geographic footprint enables us to leverage on-the-ground insight into local and international markets. We have a deep network of investor relationships in the Gulf including pension funds, family groups, corporates and financial institutions. We are co-invested with our clients across all asset classes which ensures that our interests are closely aligned.

Rasmala is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

In 2009 a group of visionary Muslims with senior management experience from travel and blue-chip companies came together to realise the HalalBooking® vision – Holidays with an Islamic ethos. Since then has established a reputation as the world’s leading independent Halal Tourism specialist, offering quality halal leisure holidays and Islamic Heritage Tours. HalalBooking® is a global brand with a state-of-art information website, which provides its customers full unbiased information and allows them to easily book their dream halal holidays online, fully tailored to their individual needs.

All accommodation facilities are operated in accordance with Islamic norms. Our resorts and hotels do not serve alcohol and have separate swimming pools and beach, leisure areas and spa facilities for men, women and families. All entertainment programmes, which are within the norms of Islam, are interesting, enjoyable and family-friendly. As well as the separate facilities for men and women, there are also family-oriented facilities, which enable the family to enjoy their holiday together in a suitable atmosphere, while catering for children by special clubs and games rooms, etc.

Haloodies is a British Halal Food brand that produces beautifully branded products aimed at Millennial Muslims, for sale through major retailers. Haloodies, a play on ‘halal foodies’ was founded by British Muslims, Imran Kausar and Noman Khawaja from a desire to improve the quality, range and appearance of halal food products. Haloodies aims to meet the needs of the millennial Muslim population who desire convenient and quality everyday products, at the right price. Being Muslim owned, we are a halal food brand that you can trust.

The brand was launched in 2014 selling pre-packed fresh meat and poultry though Ocado (12 fresh lines), the first ever halal brand to be sold by the online grocery retailer. Haloodies also launched in Harrods, London for a seasonal period in 2015. In 2016, we launched a new cooked chicken range and extended our sales channels to include Tesco (launched July 2016, now with 8 cooked chicken lines in 200 stores) and AmazonFresh (launched June 2016, now with 22 fresh and cooked lines), with Sainsbury’s launching in November 2016 in approximately 150 stores.

The United Insurance Company Ltd, is a private limited liability Insurance company which has its roots as an agency of British Giant Sun Alliance. The company was incorporated by some of the leading businessmen in Sudan in 1968 and started operations in 1969. At first the business was only limited to the Shareholders interests but the company gradually developed into becoming the one of the largest Insurance companies in the Sudanese market.

In 1993, the Company made the strategic choice of converting all its operations to Takaful model and for the past 23 years have been successful in applying it to the best interests of Policyholders, Employees and Shareholders. Our commitment and successful application has become a standard which is demonstrated in the trust of not only international Reinsurers but with our customers and our shareholders through increased financial performance.

The United Insurance’s vision is to be become a world-class insurance enterprise, committed to enhancing all stakeholders’ value. The greatest strength of United Insurance is its highly skilled and committed personal. Each employee is given an equal opportunity to develop and grow through continuous training, career planning, a positive work culture and participative style of management. Our personnel are the key to always upgrading our benchmarks in terms of productivity, quality and responsiveness.

Simply Ethical is a financial services firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are dedicated to offering ethical investments and pension solutions for private, corporate and intermediary clients. Our team has over 40 years of experience working in the financial services industry, which has included creating financial solutions, structuring investments, raising finance, and advising clients on various financial matters including investments, pensions, estate planning and tax planning.

We’re constantly striving to provide the best possible ethical solutions for our clients and we believe this is just one of the reasons we were named theWinner of Islamic Finance Firm of the Year – UK in Finance Monthly Magazine M&A Awards 2014.

As a Team, we are passionate about two things:

  • Providing you the best possible financial advice, guidance and investment choice so you can achieve your financial goals and aspirations
  • Secondly, ensuring the investments we use are ethical (see ‘Our values’) – essentially investments into businesses that undertake fair trade and do not harm society with their activities

We want you to achieve financial success through positive values, good ethics and fair treatment of all. Moreover, we think this is not only the right way but a winning formula for everyone because we all want to see businesses giving workers, suppliers and other stakeholders a fair deal and have a favourable view of those that take on board their responsibility towards wider society. Not only is this a socially responsible approach but we genuinely believe businesses are more likely to build a strong, sustainable long term business if they employ ethical values.

So give us a try! We have a “Self Select” service where you can use our online tools and guides to help you decide how much to save and which account(s) to select (ISA, pension or others), then you can choose from our selection of investments and suggested portfolios. Alternatively, should you prefer face to face advice, you can get in touch to arrange an appointment with one of our advisers.

We appreciate the trust placed in us and we hope to establish a long term relationship based on professionalism, fairness, transparency and constant commitment to adding value for you.

Shakespeare Martineau is a firm with big ambitions for its clients. We’re passionate about providing the right solutions and driven to make positive difference in everything we do.

It’s our business to understand yours, bringing creative ways of thinking to complex challenges.

You can expect market leading expertise from professionals who are on your wavelength, and provide original solutions in the areas that matter. Combined with a deep sector expertise, we bring to our clients a clear view of what’s desirable, what’s possible and what’s next.

From innovators and influencers to the cornerstones of the community, our clients are as diverse as they are dynamic. Whether advising local, owner-managed businesses to multi-national conglomerates, our clients can expect to benefit from a talented, innovative and enterprising team. We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we create with them. They tell us it’s our energy and flair that sets us apart as we strive for their success. They also like our straight talking!

By always believing we can find a better way for our clients, we’ve grown to be the leading law firm in the Midlands, strong in London and connected globally.

Our services

For our clients, law is only ever part of the solution – we aim to deliver much more. We work closely with clients to understand the priorities and goals that drive you – in business and in life.

Why? Every aspect of our advice is driven by a continual insight into the issues affecting you. Straightforward, pragmatic and practical advice is what our clients tell us makes the difference.

Whether advising on law and policy development, government schemes and regulation, commercial, domestic or personal issues, our approach brings together commercial and personal objectives with the law. This rare blend of insight allows us to make a positive difference in all we do for you.

Our sectors

Regardless of size of business, we deliver a broad range of specialist legal services and have particular expertise across sectors including but not limited to:

  • Advanced manufacturing.
  • Banking & financial services
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Investment funds

Elaf Islamic Bank was incorporated as ‘Al Baraka for Investment and Finance’ in the year 2001 with an initial capital of Iraqi Dinar (IQD) 2 billion. The Bank transformed its operation to Islamic Banking from Conventional Banking in 2007 with an increase in capital of IQD 8 billion. In the subsequent years, the tangible equity share capital was augmented to IQD 20 billion in 2009, IQD 50 billion in 2010, IQD 100 billon in 2011 and IQD 152 billion in 2012. The Bank has no debt in its capital structure and has a risk adjusted capital adequacy ratio of 18% in 2012 which is well above the limit stipulated by the Central Bank of Iraq and Basel II Accord. The asset and liability are well managed with prudent risk policies and oversight as well as advice of the Board.

Halal Gems is the global home of halal foodies. Our mission is to find and showcase the best halal cuisine across the world. Look out for Gem Hunters, showcasing their favourite foodie experiences and our blog which covers foodie events across the world.

Of the approximately $110 billion the pharmaceutical industry currently spends each year on global R&D, 60% is devoted to testing drugs in clinical trials. eLucid mHealth Ltd is a technology company creating proprietary, patented, automatic medication compliance monitoring tools as part of an integrated clinical trials and  healthcare system. eLucid’s digital platform the ‘Med- eBottle’ will have its first market entry in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in the investigational use of new drugs. eLucid’s solutions and devices have been specifically designed with patient feedback; they are non-invasive and simple to use. eLucid’s  Med eBottle is a complete solution for medication adherence monitoring using an electronic, intelligent pill bottle, a mobile application and a cloud system.

In its use in clinical trials, the Med eBottle provides a powerful data verification and monitoring and reminder system to improve adherence. We can know for sure if someone doesn’t take a tablet by not connecting to their Med eBottle or dispensing their dose. We can make improvements of whether someone has taken it by recording the dispensing of each tablet and by time-access and security for access to the Med eBottle. This information can improve the accuracy of the clinical data, reducing delays incurred through the study medication reconciliation process at the site visit, identify adverse reactions early, and reducing wastage. Importantly, a reminder smartphone App system in the application and lock out system in the bottle improves the chances of patient adherence as well as maintaining stricter safety controls for patients. eLucid mHealth Ltd is seeking investment for CE and FDA approval of its Med e-Bottle technology. eLucid has recently received specialist LifeSciences  VC funding  and NHS testbed of over £700k and currently the company is seeking investment of £1.1m  for CE and trials of its Med e-Bottle technology.

Digital Autopsy is pioneered by iGene, a company founded in Malaysia that specialises in the development of Advanced Medical Visualisation Technology worldwide – greatly benefitting the fields of forensics, life sciences, R&D and medical education.
Since the early 2000s, iGene has worked to develop its Digital Autopsy software. This latest development represents a compassionate step forward in establishing a cause of death.
During its journey, iGene has won numerous awards and been cited by international journals for its pioneering work. iGene’s UK investment has even received praise from HRH Duke of Edinburgh & Prime Minister David Cameron.
Funded entirely by iGene, each Digital Autopsy Facility
 is staffed by a team of highly skilled pathologists & radiologists. iGene remains committed to opening further centres, its ambition being to ensure that Digital Autopsy is available to residents throughout England & Wales.

Monument Partners Ltd is a boutique consultancy firm based in Mayfair, London  established by Mike Harris and Dr Tariq Munif. Its mission is to support projects which

  • increase understanding and coherence between different cultures, and
  • leverage underexploited synergies between different markets

It is our belief that different cultures have much economic benefit to offer each other. Our focus has been on two areas:

  • Africa and South America is in desperate need of a plentiful supply of clean electricity and has the natural assets needed but needs western technology and investment. Lighting up Africa and South America in that way would open up attractive new frontier markets for Western investment and give the West greater access to the natural resources abundant in Africa and South America.
  • We are currently advising on several energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Lesotho) and Argentina
  • The co-evolution of Western and Islamic banking to the benefit of both through the design of  Sustainable FinTechs which can operate in both markets and which use leading edge Western technology combined with the traditional financial wisdom of the Islamic tradition.
  • Such FinTechs are designed to address the fragility inherent in the fractional reserve banking system used in Western societies whilst powering up growth and job creation in Muslim societies, many of which are suffering from high levels of unemployment and underemployment (particularly amongst young people)

ZEF Concepts is a Sustainability and Green Technologies consultancy based in the UK and Lebanon; and associated with companies in Prague and Dubai.

We are specialised in the design and delivery of sustainable and low energy solutions for the built environment (Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health engineers). From a single low energy building to a major sustainable Masterplan, our goal is to seek solutions that find an optimum balance between environmental impact, social benefit and financial return for the client and the community.

Sustainable Design is economically feasible, socially and environmentally imperative.  ZEF endeavours to find the solution that provides the best value to the client in terms of life cycle, capital costs and potential revenue.

The Halal Dining Club is a one-stop solution for Halal diners that enables them to discover, book and review restaurants, whilst earning rewards, in one simple app. Founded in May 2015 by Siddika Jaffer, after moving to Singapore from London and experiencing the frustrations of finding halal dining options in a new country. The startup recently closed its first seed funding round on the largest equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, reaching its overfunding target in record time making it the first halal tech company to do so. The startup is backed by investors such as Arnie Sriskandarajah, ex MD of Rocket Internet and Ash Ali, ex Marketing Director of Just Eat, the first UK startup to IPO at over a billion pounds.

Aberdeen Asset Management is a full-service, pure-play asset management group, focused on meeting the worldwide investment needs of institutions, private investors and the advisers who serve them.

Formed in 1983, we operate in 25 countries, managing assets of £301.4 billion as at 30 June 2016. Listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1991, we are one of Europe’s largest public, pure-play investment managers.

We manage investment across the full spectrum of asset classes and geographic markets – including equities, fixed income, property and alternative assets. Based in or close to the markets in which we invest, we are dedicated to first-hand research to deliver the investment returns that enable our clients to achieve their financial goals.

Afkar Consulting Ltd (ACL) is a specialist financial consultancy firm and organiser of the annual International Takaful Summit (ITS), which attracts over 400 participants and providers from the global Takaful (Islamic Insurance) industry. The ITS is a leading thought forum for the global Takaful industry.

Areas of Work:

Providing cost effective marketing and PR programmes for products and services targeted at the Muslim community through specialist sector knowledge, to clients and their existing agencies.

Afkar Consulting also partners with institutions and agencies to disseminate knowledge and information in its area of expertise.

We are the UK’s first choice accountants for SMEs around the globe, and you can be confident that we have everything covered. We are professionally qualified accountants who pride ourselves on offering an affordable, simple accountancy service for businesses of all sizes both in the UK and international.

Running a business can be tough, and in some cases there may be statutory requirements and submissions, but with our professional trusted advisers on your side, you can be certain that everything will be dealt with so you can sleep at night.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about our accountancy services.