Partnering and 1-2-1 meetings are at the heart of every Frontier Exchange event. Each client’s meeting schedule is tailored in advance to ensure introduction to the proper parties and relationships, ensuring a rewarding experience and excellent return on investment.

Partnering begins 6 weeks prior to the roadshow. We determine our client’s goals in advance and ensure we establish the proper and comprehensive investor and outreach strategies, fully tailored to their profile, needs and objectives. At the roadshow we took care of all operational aspects assigning meetings to mutually convenient times and locations.

1-2-1 Meeting Process

  1. Profile: Upon conformation of registration, company profiles and marketing materials are generated by the Frontier Exchange team, working in close collaboration with the Presenting Company.
  2. Search: Frontier Exchange will research potential investors or strategic international partners taking into account each company’s individual requirements.
  3. Outreach: Meeting requests will be sent to a diverse yet targeted group of investors and partners with the aim of ensuring a minimum of 15 meetings per company at the Roadshow.
  4. Connect: Meeting times and locations will be assigned by Frontier Exchange to mutually convenient times beginning one week prior to the Roadshow.